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Doncaster Sub Aqua Club

Located within Doncaster town centre, our club is a superb place to undertake your Scuba training. We have our own clubhouse with lecture rooms, audio-visual equipment, and a social area with our very own bar.

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Welcome to Doncaster Sub Aqua Club

To support sheltered water lessons, the club hires the nearby pool at Hall Cross School. These activities are supported by our wide range of club facilities- we have a compressor (we are able to provide Nitrox gas), equipment store, and club boat.

We have Instructors of all levels, including Advanced Instructors with over 25 years experience. We deliver theory and practical training as well as skill development courses, such as boat handling, safety and rescue, seamanship and technical courses.

Have a look around the website and get in touch if you are interested in joining or finding out more about the club. We look forward to hearing from you.

Book a Try Dive

Please contact us to book your Wednesday evening try-dive session at Hall Cross School, Thorne Road, Doncaster. For just £25, we will provide the pool, equipment and lots of fun! Please note, we only train new divers over the age of 14 (must be accompanied by an adult to all training if under 16), but we welcome anyone to Try Dive from the age of 10. We will take on 12-year-old members if they are training alongside at least one adult family member.

Book a Try Dive

What our members say...

I’ve been a member of DSAC since the age of 15, training with the club to the level of Advanced Diver & Advanced Instructor. Through this time the club has supported my development and diving aspirations as well as providing a social hub. The club provides a friendly, supportive environment to members with development tailored to your pace and needs. Above all you’ll make new friends that become lifelong buddies both in and out of the water!

Dave English

I've been a member of DSAC since 2006 originally joining to learn for a holiday but once I started I quickly got the bug to want to do more.I was currently nervous in water at the time and the patience of the instructor soon got me over that and my confidence in the water grew fast and far beyond my own expectations. I got both my ocean and sports diver qualification in the first 6 months going on to become a dive leader and assistant instructor further down the line. The club has supported me throughout my diving and has given me a life long hobby I never thought I'd have the ability to do along with a group of life long friendships. I'm forever grateful I decided to take that 1st step through their door


As person who took to diving late in life (50), I joined DSAC and was accepted into the club. Yes as a single older female I had to work hard both at my diving and being accepted in a predominantly male sport. But I took nothing for granted and gave back to the club as much as I could because all the instructors at every level gave their time and experience freely to train me. I am a Dive Leader, Theory Instructor and Ass Open Water Instructor. I have also spent 18 of the last 20 years as Chair of the club. It’s a hobby that I can still take part in regardless of age and I have made many friends of all ages.

Linda Lawcock

Having popped into the club for a try dive, I was instantly hooked. Not for the diving but the people. The members of the club put me at ease within minutes. I was laughing and joking and couldn't get enough of the friendly atmosphere within the club. Over the years these people have supported me, pushed me and made me achieve what they knew was possible. Im now 3 years into my membership with the club and a qualified sports diver. I enjoy regularly going out diving inland with friends and even out to sea on the club boat. They even invite me back despite the sea sickness! The support you will receive from the club and our members is phenomenal and the banter gets even better.

Cheryl Benson

I wanted to get diving again after a long 13 year break, so headed down to the DSAC clubhouse to join the club and was immediately made to feel welcome. As a PADI qualified diver, the crossover path to BSAC was easy and I started my Sports Diver training. I also got out on the club RIB for a few dives, and although nervous after such a long break the experience and professionalism of the instructors really put me at ease. I really appreciate the time the instructors gave up (and still do) to complete my Sports Diver training and get me ready for a fantastic wreck diving trip to Scapa Flow in Scotland. All the training from the instructors has been first class and inspired me to complete the Assistant Diving Instructor course so I can start to give back to the club for all the support I have received. And on top of the diving there is of course the social aspect and all the new friends I have made!

Colin Caskey

I learned to dive with Padi when I was on holiday, and qualified as an open water diver. My instructor said to me when you get home join a dive club if you can. Well, I joined Doncaster dive club back in 2014 and I am still there. I simply crossed over from PADI to BSAC the people are friendly, you can ask any of them for diving advice, good instructors, so much so, I became an assistant diving instructor myself to give something back. I have been on various dive trips with the club and really enjoyed them and it's not just about going diving, the club has social events also. You are never to old to learn to dive I wasn't far from 50 when I started.

Jez Brown
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